The Nevadan

The Nevadan

U.S. marshal (Randolph Scott) and crooked rancher track gold thief (Forrest Tucker).

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The Nevadan


Western81 Mins1950

On his way to jail, bandit Tom Tanner (Forrest Tucker) escapes the law and is pursued by Andy Barclay (Randolph Scott), a federal marshal who believes that Tanner will lead him to a stash of stolen gold. Barclay changes horses at the ranch of Karen Galt (Dorothy Malone), planting the seeds of romance before following Tanner to a mine shaft where the stashed loot is hidden. But a gang of outlaws who also want the gold then arrives, forcing Tanner and Barclay to team up and fend them off together.


  • Engaging
  • Rousing
  • Spirited
  • Thrilling