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Friday the 13th Part VII -- The New Blood

Psychic teen's (Lar Park Lincoln) psychiatrist (Terry Kiser) sends her to Jason's lake.

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Friday the 13th Part VII -- The New Blood


Horror90 Mins1988R

Years after the strange drowning death of her father, Tina Shepard (Lar Park Lincoln) returns to the site of his demise, Crystal Lake. Her developing psychic powers were responsible for ending his life, leaving Tina riddled with guilt as an adult. While deceitful Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser) tries to manipulate her abilities for his own ends, both physician and patient are in for a shock when Tina's powers unwittingly free camper-killer Jason Voorhees from his watery slumber.


  • Frightening
  • Gory
  • Tense