A Man Called Sarge

A Man Called Sarge

U.S. sergeant (Gary Kroeger) vs. German officer (Marc Singer) in WWII North Africa.

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A Man Called Sarge


Comedy88 Mins1989PG-13

Super-patriot Sgt. Duke Roscoe (Gary Kroeger) and his unit of bumbling but gung-ho grunts are determined to destroy the Third Reich in this spoof of World War II movies. Charged with an all-important mission that could be the turning point in the war, the wacky soldiers journey across the blazing sands of North Africa to do their duty. With a stereotypically evil Nazi commander, Von Kraut (Marc Singer), determined to stop them in their tracks, it won't be easy -- but it's sure to be a blast.


  • Amusing
  • Madcap
  • Outlandish