Def by Temptation

Def by Temptation

Satanic temptress (Cynthia Bond) eyes divinity student (James Bond III) in New York.

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Def by Temptation


Horror95 Mins1990R

Joel (James Bond III), a quiet divinity student from North Carolina, starts to question his faith. So he heads to New York to visit his friend K (Kadeem Hardison), a struggling actor, who takes him out bar-hopping. They meet a gorgeous seductress (Cynthia Bond) who turns out to be a succubus, a demon spirit luring black lotharios to their deaths. When she sets her eyes on Joel, K turns to the help of Dougie (Bill Nunn), a drunken cop who specializes in supernatural investigations.


  • Brash
  • Outlandish
  • Gory
  • Frightful