RoboCop 2

RoboCop 2

Cyborg policeman (Peter Weller) and female partner (Nancy Allen) in Old Detroit.

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RoboCop 2


Science fiction, Action118 Mins1990R

Cyborg Detroit policeman Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is the sole officer on duty after the police force goes on strike against evil conglomerate Omni Consumer Products and its push to foreclose on the city of Detroit. Aside from dealing with the normal level of crime, Murphy must take on crime boss Cain (Tom Noonan), the spread of a dangerous new drug called "Nuke" and the attempt by psychologist Dr. Juliette Faxx (Belinda Bauer) to create another Robocop using a hardened criminal.


  • Campy
  • Dark
  • Outlandish
  • Spectacular