Marked for Death

Marked for Death

An ex-drug agent (Steven Seagal) exterminates a Jamaican drug posse.

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Marked for Death


Action93 Mins1990R

Mourning his partner who recently died in the line of duty, Drug Enforcement Administration agent John Hatcher (Steven Seagal) confesses to his old pal Max (Keith David), a high school football coach, that he has decided to retire. Then Chicago drug lord Screwface (Basil Wallace) puts out a hit on Hatcher's family. Now, thirsty for vengeance, this grizzled man of action fearlessly returns to the fray, and, when the skittish Screwface flees to Jamaica, Hatcher and Max are in hot pursuit.


  • Dark
  • Thrilling
  • Spectacular
  • Brash