Little Man Tate

Little Man Tate

Single mom (Jodie Foster) lets rich woman (Dianne Wiest) teach her boy-genius son (Adam Hann-Byrd).

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Little Man Tate


Drama99 Mins1991PG

Fred Tate (Adam Hann-Byrd) is a 7-year-old with a genius IQ. Single mother Dede (Jodie Foster) worries Fred might have an easier time fitting in around other child prodigies. Despite reservations, she allows Fred to go to a smart summer camp run by child psychologist Jane Grierson (Dianne Wiest), a former child prodigy. Fred's studies advance, but, as he prepares for a national TV competition, he is torn between following through with his advanced education or building a normal life.


  • Emotional
  • Tender
  • Uplifting