Meatballs 4

Meatballs 4

Hot-dog water-skier (Corey Feldman) leads camp in competition.

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Meatballs 4


Comedy87 Mins1992R

When the wealthy and scheming Monica Shavetts (Sarah Douglas) intends to buy Camp Lakeview and turn it into a golf course, owner Neil Peterson (Jack Nance) hires the young and spunky Ricky Wade (Corey Feldman) to handle the situation. Ricky has a bold idea: He wants the summer camp's waterskiing team to compete with Monica's rival team from Camp Twin Oaks. The showdown will determine Camp Lakeview's future, and the underhanded Monica will stop at nothing to win.


  • Hedonistic
  • Playful
  • Amusing
  • Lighthearted