Son of the Pink Panther

Son of the Pink Panther

Clouseau's old foe (Herbert Lom) meets Clouseau's clumsy son (Roberto Benigni).

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Son of the Pink Panther


Comedy93 Mins1993PG

When Princess Yasmin (Debrah Farentino) of the kingdom of Lugash is kidnapped by Hans Zarba (Robert Davi), Police Commissioner Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) comes to Nice, France, to supervise the rescue effort. Clumsy policeman Jacques Gambrelli (Roberto Benigni) is assigned to assist him -- and Dreyfus is appalled to learn Jacques is the illegitimate son of his old nemesis, the late Inspector Clouseau. While Jacques pursues the princess, Dreyfus romances Jacques' mother (Claudia Cardinale).


  • Madcap
  • Lighthearted