Cry of the City

Cry of the City

Detective (Victor Mature) hunts boyhood buddy, killer jewel thief (Richard Conte).

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Cry of the City


Crime drama95 Mins1948

Martin Rome (Richard Conte) is a cop killer and jewel thief who escapes from prison, with two police detectives, Candella (Victor Mature) and Collins (Fred Clark), hot on his trail. Not only is Rome wanted for murder, he is now also accused of masterminding a major jewel robbery. On the run, Rome is helped by a sleazy lawyer (Berry Kroeger) and two girlfriends, Teena (Debra Paget) and Brenda (Shelley Winters). Rome's plan: recover the hidden jewels from his lawyer and leave the country.


  • Brutal
  • Chilling
  • Dark
  • Suspenseful