American Pie Presents: Band Camp

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

A lewd teen (Tad Hilgenbrinck) causes mischief when he must attend a camp for musicians.

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American Pie Presents: Band Camp


Comedy91 Mins2005R

Eager to carry on his older brother's legacy of mischievous and lewd behavior, Matt Stifler (Tad Hilgenbrinck) masterminds a school prank that lands him in serious trouble. Banished to band camp as punishment, Matt initially rails against his geeky and musically inclined surroundings, but he has a change of heart when he encounters the lovely Elyse (Arielle Kebbel), his childhood love interest. Can Matt tame his raucous inclinations to win the girl of his dreams?


  • Amusing
  • Cheeky
  • Wild