The Return of the Native

Eustacia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) loves two men (Clive Owen, Ray Stevenson) in 1800s England.

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The Return of the Native


Romance101 Mins1994PG

The young and beautiful Eustacia Vye (Catherine Zeta-Jones) visits her grandfather in Egdon Heath, a country area in northern England, but quickly becomes bored and dreams of city life in Paris. When Egdon Heath native Clym Yeobright (Ray Stevenson) returns from Paris and falls in love with Eustacia, she agrees to the courtship in hopes of moving to the city with Clym. But Eustacia's attraction to the handsome Damon Wildeve (Clive Owen) forces her to choose between the two men.


  • Dreamy
  • Emotional
  • Melodramatic