Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

A beauty spurs a slacker (Dane Cook) and a co-worker (Dax Shepard) to compete for a coveted award.

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Employee of the Month


Comedy103 Mins2006PG-13

Zack (Dane Cook) and Vince (Dax Shepard) are rival co-workers at Super Club, the country's largest bulk-discount retailer but, while Vince is on the fast-track at Super Club, Zack's laid-back approach to work holds him back. That all changes when a new cashier, named Amy (Jessica Simpson), transfers to their store. Zack is instantly smitten, but Amy prefers Vince. Zack determines that the only way to win her is to win his store's most coveted honor.


  • Amusing
  • Melodramatic
  • Sultry