Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow

Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow

Hot rodders (Jody Fair, Martin Braddock, Russ Bender) throw Halloween party in haunted house.

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Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow


Horror65 Mins1959

Lois Cavendish (Jody Fair) hangs out at a nearby soda shop with her drag racing club. But when she learns the shop might be closed, she calls her wealthy aunt, Anatasia (Dorothy Neumann), for help. Anatasia offers the club the chance to use her mansion as their headquarters -- but with one strange condition: They have to scare away the ghost that haunts her home. When the club decides to throw an all-night monster mash party at the mansion, it becomes clear that something is amiss.


  • Campy
  • Engaging
  • Suspenseful