Daddy Day Camp

Daddy Day Camp

Clueless fathers (Cuba Gooding Jr., Paul Rae) take charge of a children's summer camp.

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Daddy Day Camp


Children, Comedy89 Mins2007PG

Spurred on by their wives' insistence that their children attend summer camp, daycare entrepreneurs Charlie Hinton (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and his friend Phil (Paul Rae) decide to buy their dilapidated alma mater, Camp Driftwood. The men face a near impossible task; not only must they renovate the place, but they face stiff competition from nearby Camp Canola, which is run by Charlie's arch-rival, Lance (Lochlyn Munro). Charlie asks his estranged father for help in restoring Driftwood's former glory.


  • Amusing
  • Playful
  • Endearing