Die Hard With a Vengeance

Die Hard With a Vengeance

McClane (Bruce Willis), shopkeeper (Samuel L. Jackson) seek terrorist bomber (Jeremy Irons).

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Die Hard With a Vengeance


Action, Adventure, Thriller128 Mins1995R

Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) is now divorced, alcoholic and jobless after getting fired for his reckless behavior and bad attitude. He is called back into action, however, when a cryptic terrorist (Jeremy Irons) takes New York City hostage in a lethal game of "Simon Says" and refuses to speak with anyone but McClane. Teaming up with a street-savvy electrician named Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson), McClane dashes through the city, trying to stay one step ahead of a murderous plot.


  • Thrilling
  • Suspenseful
  • Brash
  • Gritty
  • Witty