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100% Wolf

Disaster strikes when young Freddy Lupin's first werewolf transformation turns him into a poodle.

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100% Wolf


Comedy, Fantasy, Animated89 Mins2020PG

Freddy Lupin can't wait to become a werewolf, just like his legendary father. But when the big day arrives, something goes awry as Freddy transforms into a ferocious poodle.


  • Samara Weavingas Batty

    Samara Weavingas Batty

  • Loren Grayas Twitchy

    Loren Grayas Twitchy

  • Jai Courtneyas Flasheart

    Jai Courtneyas Flasheart

  • Jane Lynchas The Commander

    Jane Lynchas The Commander

  • Ilai Swindellsas Freddy Lupin

    Ilai Swindellsas Freddy Lupin

  • Magda Szubanskias Mrs. Mutton

    Magda Szubanskias Mrs. Mutton