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Break Even

Divers stumble across a kingpin's dirty money and become trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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Break Even


Action, Adventure95 Mins2020

Four scuba-diving friends stumble across $50 million in cold hard cash. However, the dirty money was planted by a crooked DEA officer working for a ruthless drug kingpin who wants the loot retrieved at all costs.


  • Tasya Telesas Jaq Varick

    Tasya Telesas Jaq Varick

  • Steve Guttenbergas Lance

    Steve Guttenbergas Lance

  • James Callisas Zalman

    James Callisas Zalman

  • Joseph D. Reitmanas Lt. Mitgang

    Joseph D. Reitmanas Lt. Mitgang

  • Joanna Paculaas Agent Crowe

    Joanna Paculaas Agent Crowe