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Police investigate the mystery behind the lone survivor of an underground fight club.

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Action, Thriller105 Mins2020

Police discover an elite fight club with seven underground levels filled with the dead bodies of brawlers from around the world. Only one man is left alive, and they must figure out if he's truly the lone survivor -- or a vicious mass murderer.


  • Moe Dunfordas Hard Eight

    Moe Dunfordas Hard Eight

  • Kate Dickieas Keaton

    Kate Dickieas Keaton

  • Camille Roweas Serena

    Camille Roweas Serena

  • Phil Davisas Happy

    Phil Davisas Happy

  • Alex Fernsas Major Vaughn

    Alex Fernsas Major Vaughn

  • Olivier Richtersas Rawbone

    Olivier Richtersas Rawbone