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A married man's life turns into a nightmare when he has a one-night stand with a manipulative woman.

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Thriller, Drama103 Mins2020

After a wild one-night stand, a successful sports agent watches his perfect life slowly disappear when he discovers the sexy and mysterious woman he risked everything for is a determined police detective who entangles him in her latest investigation. As he desperately tries to put the pieces together, he falls deeper into her trap, risking his family, his career, and even his life.


  • Hilary Swankas Detective Valerie Quinlan

    Hilary Swankas Detective Valerie Quinlan

  • Michael Ealyas Derrick

    Michael Ealyas Derrick

  • Mike Colteras Rafe

    Mike Colteras Rafe

  • Danny Pinoas Carter Haywood

    Danny Pinoas Carter Haywood

  • Tyrin Turneras Tyrin

    Tyrin Turneras Tyrin

  • Sam Dalyas Officer Stallman

    Sam Dalyas Officer Stallman