Cry of the Banshee

Cry of the Banshee

High priestess Oona sends a cloaked avenger to slay a witch hunter in medieval England.

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Cry of the Banshee


Horror, Historical drama87 Mins1970R

Monomaniacal witch hunter Lord Edward Whitman (Vincent Price) cruelly persecutes the peasants in his corner of Elizabethan England, manufacturing charges and meting out punishment without regard to justice. While trying to wipe out a coven of witches, he fails to take into account the possibility that real witches might have real power. He is unprepared when Oona (Elisabeth Bergner), the head of the coven, transforms a trusted member of Whitman's household into a vehicle of demonic vengeance.


  • Chilling
  • Gory
  • Melodramatic
  • Campy