Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous

Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous

A pampered actress (Jessica Simpson) joins the Marines to prepare for a role in a military film.

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Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous


Comedy98 Mins2008PG-13

Popular actress Megan Valentine (Jessica Simpson) is down on her luck: Her scheming accountant made off with her fortune, and her latest film flopped. She hopes to sign onto a major military-theme production but, first, must change her ditzy image to impress the studio making the movie. In order to prove herself, Megan enters the Marines and is sent to boot camp, where she butts heads with gruff Sgt. Louisa Morely (Vivica A. Fox) and struggles to adapt to life without luxury.


  • Airy
  • Playful
  • Lighthearted