What the Deaf Man Heard

What the Deaf Man Heard

A man (Matthew Modine) pretends to be deaf and mute for years.

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What the Deaf Man Heard


Comedy drama96 Mins1997

Sammy (Matthew Modine) isn't mute. But no one knows that. After he was seemingly abandoned by his mother at the age of 10, Sammy took a vow of a silence. Since then, everyone in the tiny town of Barrington, Ga., has treated him as a deaf-mute. This puts Sammy in the unique position of being in on the secrets of its citizens, including domineering matron Tynan (Claire Bloom), her oafish son (Jake Weber) and her sensitive daughter (Anne Bobby). But what happens when his own secret gets loose?


  • Calm
  • Charming
  • Positive
  • Amusing