The Locusts

The Locusts

Drifter (Vince Vaughn) befriends a widow's (Kate Capshaw) emotionally crippled son (Jeremy Davies).

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The Locusts


Drama123 Mins1997R

In American heartland of the 1960s, the aimless and penniless Clay (Vince Vaughn) decides to work on a flourishing farm operated by the enterprising Mrs. Potts (Kate Capshaw). Before long he learns from his coworkers that Mrs. Potts has a habit of demanding sexual favors from her employees, but Clay spurns her in favor of rural belle Kitty (Ashley Judd). Clay and Kitty then befriend Mrs. Potts' troubled son, Flyboy (Jeremy Davies), but soon make a startling revelation about his family's history.


  • Sultry
  • Dark
  • Emotional