Fairy Tale: A True Story

Fairy Tale: A True Story

Two British girls (Florence Hoath, Elizabeth Earl) photograph flying fairies.

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Fairy Tale: A True Story


Children, Fantasy99 Mins1997PG

After enduring family tragedies, young cousins Elsie (Florence Hoath) and Frances (Elizabeth Earl) spend time in rural Yorkshire, England, where they see fairies in a nearby meadow. They then snap pictures of the fairies, which suddenly gain international notoriety. Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Peter O'Toole) announces he's a believer. Magician Harry Houdini (Harvey Keitel), however, is a skeptic. Both join a media circus to see if the pictures indeed are genuine and if fairies are real.


  • Lighthearted
  • Positive
  • Endearing
  • Engaging