Home Alone 3

Home Alone 3

A clever boy (Alex D. Linz) stymies spies (Olek Krupa, Rya Kihlstedt) seeking a computer chip.

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Home Alone 3


Children, Comedy102 Mins1997PG

When an inept group of criminals tries to get a stolen top-secret computer chip through airport security, it ends up in a toy car in the luggage of the elderly Mrs. Hess (Marian Seldes). Unable to promptly retrieve the chip, the felons follow Hess and the car to her neighborhood. After she gives the toy to young Alex Pruitt (Alex D. Linz), who is home sick from school, he becomes the target of the criminals. However, the precocious kid is on to their schemes and ready to fight the thieves off.


  • Madcap
  • Playful