Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

A groom (Ben Affleck) hurries to his wedding, with a fellow traveler (Sandra Bullock).

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Forces of Nature


Romantic comedy104 Mins1999PG-13

All Ben Holmes (Ben Affleck) wants to do is make it from New York to Savannah, Ga., in time for his wedding. When a seagull and a hurricane ruin any chance he has of flying there, Holmes reluctantly joins the quirky Sarah Lewis (Sandra Bullock) in a rental car for a road trip back to his waiting bride-to-be, Bridget Cahill (Maura Tierney). But nature seems to conspire against his every attempt at a timely return -- and in the meantime, he finds himself growing closer to Sarah.


  • Quirky
  • Mushy
  • Amusing
  • Passionate
  • Heartwarming
  • Charming