The Out-of-Towners

The Out-of-Towners

An Ohio couple (Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn) spend a bizarre 24 hours in New York.

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The Out-of-Towners


Comedy92 Mins1999PG-13

With the children out of the house, Henry (Steve Martin) and Nancy Clark (Goldie Hawn) head to New York City to embrace their cosmopolitan dreams. Henry has set up a job interview with an advertising firm, and Nancy hopes to add some spice to their marriage. But nothing goes according to plan for the couple, as they endure lost luggage, muggers, a diffident desk clerk (John Cleese) and a disastrous tour of the city that never sleeps -- and won't leave them alone!


  • Amusing
  • Madcap
  • Outlandish
  • Charming