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Murder, Inc.

Singer (Stuart Whitman) and dancer (May Britt) become 1930s mob pawns.

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Murder, Inc.


Crime drama103 Mins1960

Looking to make money and bolster his street cred, Abe Reles (Peter Falk) goes to work for New York City racketeer Louis "Lepke" Bucholter. Along with fellow thug Bug Workman (Warren Finnerty), Abe uses his ties to married entertainers Joey (Stuart Whitman) and Eadie Collins (May Britt) to close in on a murder target. But after the hit, prosecutor Burton Turkus (Henry Morgan) elicits key testimony from Joey and Eadie, forcing Abe to either accept a jail term or incriminate his dangerous boss.


  • Dark
  • Tense
  • Engaging