Daddy and Them

Daddy and Them

Family members (Billy Bob Thornton, Laura Dern, Diane Ladd) feud when an uncle lands in jail.

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Daddy and Them


Dark comedy101 Mins2001R

Welcome to America's Heartland, home of hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves... and Claude (Billy Bob Thornton) and Ruby (Laura Dern) Montgomery. Never has a couple in these parts been as madly in love, or as often at odds. When news reaches them that Claude's Uncle Hazel (Jim Varney) has been arrested, they head to the family homestead in Little Rock to lend their support. As the extended family reunites, it quickly becomes clear that, with this bunch, anything goes and everyone speaks their mind.


  • Wild
  • Charming
  • Tender
  • Amusing