How to Deal

How to Deal

A disillusioned teen (Mandy Moore) thinks true love does not exist.

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How to Deal


Romance, Comedy drama101 Mins2003PG-13

For teenager Halley (Mandy Moore), love seems like an alien concept. Her mother, Lydia (Allison Janney), and father, Len (Peter Gallagher), are divorced. Lydia doesn't date, and Len is now seeing a younger woman. Halley's sister, Ashley (Mary Catherine Garrison), is about to get married and doesn't realize that her fiancé (Mackenzie Astin) is not the man of her dreams. But, when Halley meets edgy Macon (Trent Ford), she learns what love is really all about.


  • Charming
  • Lighthearted
  • Touching
  • Amusing