Jasper, Texas

Jasper, Texas

In 1998 three Texans brutally beat a black man, tie him to a truck and drag him to his death.

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Jasper, Texas


Docudrama120 Mins2003R

In the summer of 1998, the small town of Jasper, Texas, is rocked by the brutal murder of an African-American man (Roy T. Anderson) by three white supremacists. The national media picks up the grisly case and soon the town is swarming with reporters, racists and Black Panthers. R.C. Horn (Louis Gossett Jr.), Jasper's first African-American mayor, and Billy Rowles (Jon Voight), the white sheriff, try to control the situation, but realize racial tensions are spiraling out of control.


  • Brutal
  • Emotional
  • Gripping