Matchstick Men

Matchstick Men

A con man (Nicolas Cage) bonds with his daughter (Alison Lohman) and plans a swindle.

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Matchstick Men


Dark comedy, Crime drama, Thriller116 Mins2003PG-13

Roy (Nicolas Cage), a depressed con artist with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Frank (Sam Rockwell), his partner, find their line of work complicated by the arrival of Roy's teenage daughter, Angela (Alison Lohman). Angela brings some spirit back into Roy's life, and some of his disorder symptoms seem to disappear. But when Angela wants to learn the family business, and Roy allows her to assist on a big scam concerning a businessmen (Bruce McGill), he reconsiders his parenting techniques.


  • Amusing
  • Winsome
  • Thrilling
  • Dark