Love Is a Ball

Love Is a Ball

An American heiress on the Riviera falls in love with her chauffeur, foiling a matchmaker.

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Love Is a Ball


Comedy111 Mins1963

Matchmaker Etienne Pimm (Charles Boyer) makes his living by pairing European aristocrats with rich Americans, and his latest match is between Duke Gaspard Ducluzeau (Ricardo Montalban) and affluent heiress Millie Mehaffey (Hope Lange). Unfortunately, Ducluzeau, handsome and titled as he is, needs some help in acting aristocratic. Luckily, John Davis (Glenn Ford) is on hand to teach the Duke how to behave like the high-society man he is, at least until Davis and Mehaffey meet.


  • Amusing
  • Lighthearted
  • Emotional