Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

A man (David Spade) stays with a family to prepare for a film role.

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Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star


Comedy99 Mins2003PG-13

When he was a child, Dickie Roberts (David Spade) was one of the stars of a popular TV show. But now Dickie is grown up, and, instead of living a life of luxury, he works as a valet attendant and hangs out with other former child stars. Desperate to make a comeback, Dickie hires an ordinary family to live with so he can experience the childhood he never had. Soon Dickie is sharing a room with siblings Sally (Jenna Boyd) and Sam (Scott Terra) and discovering what family is all about.


  • Cheeky
  • Engaging
  • Spirited
  • Amusing