Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) and three siblings meet Captain Hook (Jason Isaacs).

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Peter Pan


Children, Adventure, Fantasy113 Mins2003PG

As Wendy Darling (Rachel Hurd-Wood) recounts stories to her brothers, John (Harry Newell) and Michael (Freddie Popplewell), she is visited by Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter). Peter, a boy who magically never ages, invites Wendy and her brothers to Neverland, an island where he lives with the Lost Boys. Once there, however, Wendy and her brothers are kidnapped by Captain Hook (Jason Isaacs). Peter, with assistance from the fairy Tink (Ludivine Sagnier), must face Hook in order to rescue the Darlings.


  • Endearing
  • Positive
  • Spectacular
  • Touching