The Last Hard Men

The Last Hard Men

An escaped convict (James Coburn) kidnaps a retired sheriff's daughter in 1909 Arizona.

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The Last Hard Men


Western103 Mins1976R

Zach Provo (James Coburn), a half-Indian outlaw, has spent 11 years in shackles, dreaming of enacting revenge on Sam Burgade (Charlton Heston), the sheriff who put him away. After a sudden escape from a chain gang, Provo recruits his fellow prisoners for a buried-loot mission that is, really, a pretext for attempting revenge on Burgade. After the gang kidnaps Sam's daughter, Susan (Barbara Hershey), Sam becomes a man possessed, leading to a violent, bloody showdown between him and Provo.


  • Brash
  • Unrestrained
  • Intense
  • Dark