New Mexico

New Mexico

Betrayed Indians trap a cavalry captain's (Lew Ayres) troop on a mesa and attack.

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New Mexico


Western76 Mins1951

After the Civil War, cavalryman Capt. Hunt (Lew Ayres) tries to strike peace with Acoma (Ted de Corsia), a Native American chief. However, Judge Wilcox (Lloyd Corrigan) and others provoke Acoma, arresting him and shooting his men, prompting revenge from the chief. In the ensuing battles, one of Acoma's sons is killed, enraging him further. Hunt must save Cherry (Marilyn Maxwell), a dance hall girl caught up in the commotion, and try to find a way to end the bloody conflict with Acoma.


  • Fiery
  • Unrestrained
  • Patriotic
  • Melodramatic