The Drifter

The Drifter

A French Canadian lumberjack (William Farnum) drifts into romance and a lumber war.

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The Drifter


Western60 Mins1932

In French Canada, ex-convict "Whitey" Farlane (Charles Sellon) joins Louis Valjean (William Farnum), known as the Drifter, in search of the Drifter's long-missing younger brother. In a small town, the Drifter saves the life of lumber company owner John McNary (Noah Beery), and then he and Whitey agree to work for him. A mysterious connection between the Drifter and Whitey soon surfaces through McNary's daughter, Bonnie (Phyllis Barrington), as rivalries mount and murder attempts continue.


  • Intricate
  • Melodramatic