For Those Who Think Young

For Those Who Think Young

Rich beach bum (James Darren) hangs out with girlfriend (Pamela Tiffin) and beatnik buddy.

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For Those Who Think Young


Comedy96 Mins1964

Youth is in full swing at Oceancrest College, and no place swings harder than the Silver Palms, the choice hot spot for student Sandy (Pamela Tiffin) and her pals. Sandy's uncle, Woody (Woody Woodbury), who performs a comedy act at the club, has his livelihood threatened when wealthy conservative Edgar Cronin (Robert Middleton) attempts to shutter the wild hangout for good. This makes things especially sticky for Cronin's grandson, Ding (James Darren), who's trying to get a date with Sandy.


  • Spirited
  • Airy
  • Playful