The 7th Dawn

The 7th Dawn

American (William Holden), mistress (Capucine) and communist clash in '45 Malaya.

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The 7th Dawn


Action123 Mins1964

After World War II, Ferris (William Holden) remains in Malaya and becomes a successful businessman. He enjoys a quiet existence with his Malayan girlfriend, Dhana (Capucine), although a politician's daughter named Candace (Susannah York) also fancies him. Soon, Ferris encounters a man named Ng (Tetsuro Tamba), who served with him during the war and is now a communist committed to revolution for the guerillas. After Dhana is arrested, Ferris makes a deal to track down Ng in order to save her.


  • Tense
  • Gritty
  • Thrilling
  • Fiery