Are You in the House Alone?

Are You in the House Alone?

A psychopath terrorizes a high-school girl (Kathleen Beller) with notes, phone calls and a visit.

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Are You in the House Alone?


Thriller100 Mins1978

In this made-for-TV adaptation of the Richard Peck novel, Anne (Blythe Danner) and Neil Osborne (Tony Bill) have moved to a new town with their virginal teenage daughter, Gail (Kathleen Beller), after being burglarized. When Gail finds a mysterious, threatening note, she assumes it's just a prank. But when more letters arrive -- along with increasingly frightening phone calls -- she realizes she has a stalker and sets out to use her photography skills to catch him in the act.


  • Disturbing
  • Melodramatic