Sundown Saunders

Sundown Saunders

A well-dressed cowboy (Bob Steele) wins a ranch in a horse race and tries to claim it.

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Sundown Saunders


Western63 Mins1936

While gambling, Sundown Saunders (Bob Steele) wins the deed to a fertile tract of land and decides to settle down as a rancher. Along the way, he meets Bess Preston (Catherine Cotter), a sheepherder's daughter who, it turns out, was sold rights to the same piece of land. Arriving in town, Sundown tries to get to the bottom of the phony deeds, but crosses Sheriff Baker (Earl Dwire) and winds up a wanted man. He will have to break up the local crime ring if he is to clear his name.


  • Intricate
  • Thrilling
  • Engaging
  • Spirited