Blood of the Vampire

Blood of the Vampire

A couple enter the asylum of a mad vampire doctor and his one-eyed assistant with bangs, Carl.

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Blood of the Vampire


Horror87 Mins1958

In 1870s Transylvania, scientist Dr. Callistratus (Donald Wolfit) is put to death by villagers who wrongly believe he's a vampire. However, his horribly disfigured henchman, Carl (Victor Maddern), is on hand to orchestrate a life-saving heart transplant. Revived, Dr. Callistratus makes his way to a remote asylum, which he manages to assume control of. But, realizing the operation he underwent has left him with a constant need for blood, the mad doctor looks to his patients for a fresh supply.


  • Eerie
  • Offbeat
  • Outlandish
  • Disturbing