The Terror of Tiny Town

The Terror of Tiny Town

Pint-size cowboys ham it up and hit the saloon for some light entertainment.

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The Terror of Tiny Town


Western63 Mins1938

In the Old West's Tiny Town, Bat Haines ("Little Billy" Rhodes) pits two ranching families, the Lawsons and the Prestons, against each other by stealing their cattle and blaming the other family for the thefts. Haines blackmails the sheriff, who is an ex-convict, into taking no action, then attacks a stagecoach carrying Nancy (Yvonne Moray), the niece of Tex Preston. Nancy is rescued by Buck Lawson (Billy Curtis), and the two fall in love. Billy then battles Haines to stop the feud.


  • Fascinating
  • Intense
  • Quirky