Vigilantes of Boomtown

Vigilantes of Boomtown

Red Ryder (Allan Lane) and Little Beaver (Bobby Blake) foil Carson City crooks.

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Vigilantes of Boomtown


Western56 Mins1947

In 1897 Nevada, Molly McVey (Peggy Stewart) is angered when, after legalizing prizefighting, the governor asks her father, Jim (George Tumer), to return to the ring. A retired boxer who has turned to ranching, Jim is delighted to resume fighting and, to Molly's dismay, begins training with former manager Bill Delany (Roscoe Karns). Jim's plans are interrupted when he and his friend Red Ryder (Allan Lane) must deal with cattle rustlers, a revenge-seeking outlaw and a planned gold heist.


  • Spirited
  • Tense