Fugitive Valley

Fugitive Valley

Range Busters (Ray Corrigan, John King, Max Terhune) infiltrate gang of stagecoach robbers.

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Fugitive Valley


Western61 Mins1941

Covert deputy Crash (Ray Corrigan) and his partner, Dusty (John King), are searching for the Whip, the leader of an outlaw gang. They discover the bandits' hideout and are welcomed there as guests. They meet pretty Ann Savage (Julie Duncan), the gang's nurse -- and secretly the Whip -- who is seeking revenge for her father's murder. But soon, a second group of bandits, led by the nasty Gray (Glenn Strange), attacks the hideout, forcing the lawmen to team with Ann and fend off the aggressors.


  • Rousing
  • Thrilling
  • Engaging