The Duel at Silver Creek

The Duel at Silver Creek

A young sharpshooter joins a small-town lawman in his battle against murderous claim-jumpers.

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The Duel at Silver Creek


Western77 Mins1952

A gang of outlaws is murdering miners and taking over their claims, but they cross the wrong man when they target the father of Luke Cromwell (Audie Murphy), a gunslinger known as "the Silver Kid." The local marshal, "Lightning" Tyrone (Stephen McNally), is also tracking the gang, but receives a crippling injury during a gunfight. Tyrone deputizes Cromwell, and the two take on the murderers together, while trying to resist the charms of Opal (Faith Domergue), the new beauty in town.


  • Gritty
  • Thrilling
  • Suspenseful