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Cast a Long Shadow

An illegitimate drifter (Audie Murphy) inherits a ranch and comes to terms with his past.

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Cast a Long Shadow


Western82 Mins1959

Chip (John Dehner), a ranch foreman, approaches aimless hard-drinker Matt Brown (Audie Murphy) in a New Mexico bar. The owner of Chip's ranch has died and left Matt his land, thinking the troubled drifter may be his long-estranged son. Initially, Matt plans on selling the ranch, but then decides to keep it, hoping to impress his ex-lover, Janet (Terry Moore). The ranch, however, turns out to be in foreclosure, forcing Matt and Chip to come up with a plan to pay off their debt to the bank.


  • Gutsy
  • Thrilling
  • Rousing
  • Tense