Ten Days to Tulara

Ten Days to Tulara

Mexican gold thief (Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.) forces U.S. pilot (Sterling Hayden) to help.

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Ten Days to Tulara


Action77 Mins1958

Bush pilot Scotty McBride (Sterling Hayden) is duped into flying his old acquaintance, Cesar (Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.), and his gang out of South America to safety after they've committed a robbery and murder. Scotty can't refuse, since Cesar is holding his son hostage on a nearby ship. When the plane is fired upon, the group is forced to crash-land. So Scotty and the surviving members of the gang must trek through the countryside, and all of them are now wanted fugitives from the law.


  • Engaging
  • Wild
  • Suspenseful